6 (common) Cancer-Fighting Foods

Before media campaigns like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge came along, we relied on alternate methods of spreading awareness. That’s where the tiny pink ribbons came in. If the tiny ribbon could talk, it may tell you that its purpose is more than being pinned on your sweater; it’s a call to action.

If you can do one thing this month to make your tiny pink ribbon feel justified, let it be your nutrition. We realize that you’re probably not going to be adding Ginseng, Tumeric and Cacao to each meal on the regular, so that’s why we’re going to outline:

Six Cancer-fighting Foods YOU can add to your weekly grocery list:

 1. Leafy Greens:

The nutrients, vitamins, and

antioxidants in leafy greens such as kale,leafy greens

spinach, and brussel sprouts make them

innate cancer fighters.

 2. Berries

Because Vitamin C and high

levels of antioxidants are essentialberriess in keeping

your immune system healthy and able to

fight off invaders.

3. Tomatoes

The antioxidant, Lycopene, alongtomatos

with other vitamins and potassium, have proven to

lower risk of various cancers.

4. Garlic: 

Garlic contains sulfur-containing compounds,

which are, in part, responsible for it’s health benefits.garlic

It’s also great for metabolism and cardiovascular health

and holds many general cancer fighting characteristics.                            

5. Nuts

Nuts, specifically walnuts, consist of polyphenolswalnut

which have a comparable effect to antioxidants. They also

contain the cancer fighter, ellagic acid. Almonds, cashews

and pecans can be added to your list as well.

6. Green Tea:

In laboratory studies, green tea hasgreentea

slowed or prevented the development of cancer in

colon, liver, breast, and prostate cells. It also had

a similar effect in lung tissue and skin.” (WebMD)

Thinking Pink is one thing. But maybe what we need is to re-think Pink, from an action stand point. At Silverado Resort, we’re proud to be active participants in supporting Breast Cancer awareness, from taking part in Denim Day to raise funds for research, to serving the above items, from local and sustainable sources, in our Grill restaurant. You don’t have to donate your life savings (although that would help!). Start here, start simple. Discover yourself along the way. Discover what Pink means to YOU.


What do you think?

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