The Famous Silverado Burger Dog: Why is it so good?

The Silverado Burger Dog. It’s history, some may have never learned. But if you’ve tried it firsthand, you know that there’s something very special about it compared to your average burger or hot dog.

It all started in the 1950’s when Bill Parrish, or “Burger Bill” as he was called, started the first Burger Shack in a trailer across the street from the Olympic Club in San Francisco. His “Billie Dog” was so popular that the Olympic Club wanted it all to themselves…so they made him and offer to move his shack into the club and sure enough, Parish’s Burger Dogs soon became a staple at the 11th hole inside the Lake Course.

At the time, Johnny Miller was an active member at the Olympic Club, in the midst of his junior golf career. Midway through each round, Miller would stop off for what he still remembers as the best burger around. It was Burger Dog enthusiasts like Johnny Miller who aided in creating a loyal following of Parrish’s creation. The loyalty continued when Johnny Miller, who also happened to be Parrish’s high school friend, acquired Silverado Resort in 2010 and made sure the burger dog stayed at Silverado, on both golf courses.

Although Bill Parrish has passed, his family continues to keep the Burger dog alive and there is definitely no shortage of demand for it. We’ve often heard that people aren’t satisfied with just one; they’re that good. Miller and Parrish attribute the deliciousness to the two Burger Dog homes (Olympic Club and Silverado). In fact, the classic recipe is quite simple- ground meat with salt and pepper, American cheese, onions, dill pickles and sweet relish (if you’ve had one, you’re mouth is now watering).

Maybe it’s the grill that it’s cooked upon, or maybe Miller and Parrish are right about location playing the biggest part. All we know is that the pieces of the puzzle fell so perfectly together to lead to the Burger Dog that we’ve all come to know and love dearly today. And for that, we are utterly thankful.

Bon Appetit!

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