The Most Expensive Cigar in the World

Hang out in the Mansion Lounge for a few hours and you’ll start to realize why this is one of our prized locations around the resort. From the historic Mansion vibes to the Terrace views of the golf course and the epic Mayacama mountains as a backdrop. This is the place you will find our collection of cigars, ranging from mild to full flavor.

Among our cigar collection is the most notable, the most expensive cigar in the world, the Gurhka: Her Majesty Reserve, Flavor: Infused Louis XIII 4.0. This rare and famous cigar is comprised of 30 year old tobacco on the Connecticut Maduro wrapper and the filler is 7th prime 27 year aged Dominican. The entire cigar has been infused with a full shot of the finest cognac in the world. With only 300 boxes made in 1999, this is the last of the original blend. The total run was 6000 cigars ever made. The cigar is $2000.

Naturally, we realize that a cigar is best enjoyed with a drink of your choice. But this is not just any cigar, this cigar calls for something with classic edge and luxury appeal. Enjoy Her Majesty Reserve with the Silverado Old Fashion, a cocktail consisting of Orange Infused Bulleit Bourbon, Sugar and Napa Valley Distillery’s Orange bitters. Serve chilled with an over-sized ice cube. As you enjoy the meld of bold flavors, don’t forget to revel in the fact that you’re enjoying the most expensive cigar in the world. Bucket-list, check.



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