10 Signs You Need a Napa Valley Vacation

So you’re not sure if right now is the best time to take a vacation, but you know who is sure? Your coworkers, friends and family, and possibly your dog. Yes, when we desperately need a vacation, sometimes we flaunt it more obviously than we think. Don’t get your grapes in a bunch about it, but if you meet most of the following requirements, we’re gonna go out on a limb and say your officially in need of a Napa Valley vacation:

1. Your daily “juicing” routine has slowly morphed into including only Sangria

2. Any hope of concentration at work is gone (along with your reserve supply of “juice”)

3. A typical afternoon snack is a cheese plate with dried fruit assortments, gourmet nuts and a thin sliced baguette (that’s normal, right?)

4. You begin to feel resentful of hotel ads on Google

5. You’ve experienced utter disappointment with Pinterest recipes not emulating the picture

6. You’ve attempted a “Staycation” in your own home (which ended up including you, a regrettably long Netflix search, and “insert number here” bottles of wine)

7. During your Staycation, your biggest disappointment was the realization that it was Tuesday (not to mention that ordering a pizza didn’t feel quite as luxurious as room service)

8. You clicked on this post with the hope you’re displaying all ten signs

9. You promptly correct those who still refer to the cold months as “winter”. Haven’t they heard of Cabernet Season?

10. You’ve gone on shopping escapades specifically for your perfect “wine tasting outfit” (your experience, needless to say, will be broadcasted on Instagram)

It’s very important that if any of your friends or family are displaying symptoms of needing a Napa Valley vacation, you inform them of their condition immediately and have them report directly to reservations. As a luxury hotel in Napa Valley, we’re confident that between our local celebrity chefs, PGA championship golf courses, on-site wine sommelier, spa, and dreamy views, your Wine Country vacation fix will be had. May your travels be sweet and your glasses stay full. Cheers!


More info on your dream vacation here


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