7 Ways to Stay Active during your Napa Vacation

We’ve all been on trips where laying poolside with a Margarita and a magazine is the first and last thing on your daily itinerary and while we agree relaxation is key, so is keeping off those vacation calories. We’re only human and when we’re faced with the culinary stature of a place like Napa Valley, we indulge…we indulge and we feel good about it. But we still want our clothes to fit when we sulk back into normal life, so here are some tricks of the trade from an active resort:

1. Choose a hotel with a gym: Okay, this is the obvious one but we couldn’t resist leaving it off the list. Why? Ask Nancy, one of our esteemed fitness coaches. She is one of the only instructors in Napa Valley who is TRX certified but her knowledge doesn’t end there. Besides cool, trendy programs like this, our yoga, Tai chi and Pilates classes will leave you refreshed and ready to conquer your next physical endeavor for the day! Another bonus? All 30 classes offered weekly are complimentary to resort guests.

2. Ditch the golf cart: Golf is typically not looked at as a physically demanding sport, but have you ever thrown a bag of clubs on your back and walked back and forth on a football field for 4+ hours? Pretty much the same thing. Why not take every opportunity to be immersed in the beautiful nature of the valley? Besides walking in the footsteps of golf legends on our PGA championship courses, you’ll easily exceed the # of steps that is considered necessary for one day (10,000 if you were curious).

3. Bike Silverado Trail: Whether you’re a leisure rider or a more advanced cyclist (see map here), our trails will have you covered. With our on-property bike rentals, it’s easy to explore the valley’s most scenic routes. Rentals are available for full or half day tours, with or without picnic lunches and visits to some of Napa Valley’s most picturesque wineries (e.g.- Pine Ridge Vineyards, ZD Wines, Dutch Henry Winery, etc).

4. Detox w/ Morning (Heated) Pool Exercises:  Kick-start your morning in a heated pool with some simple water aerobic exercises or laps. Besides waking up your muscles, it can be a great way to get your heart rate up so afterwards you can drink lots of water and be ready for whatever you have planned next.

5. Hike the Trails:  Trails…we’ve got a lot of them. And no shortage of nature, if you’re into that kinda thing. We’ll provide the maps and easy-to-understand directions. Mornings in Napa are perfect for the hike-lover. Foggy and crisp in the early hours, then (if you time it right) the fog burns off when you reach the top of the hill for a beautiful, sunny and clear view that’s perfect for selfies (we’ve all done it).

6. Volley before Vino: Tennis at Silverado is a fun opportunity to get your feet moving. Our instructors provide private lessons and daily clinics to keep you on your toes (literally). With 13 tennis courts, there are no excuses to bail on this activity. Plus, our young and savvy tennis pros make lessons fun and upbeat, leaving your game and your mood elevated.

7. Walking Tours:  Walking is a great option for those who want to have an interactive experience touring the city. If you’re looking to try our some of Napa’s finest restaurants, try Downtown Napa’s Culinary Crawl. You’ll start out at the famous Oxbow Public Market, wind through the riverfront, pass historic buildings, and be immersed in the culinary scene with food-tastings at seven restaurants along the way. Another great tour is the Walking Tour of Napa, where you’ll take a 90-minute stroll through the noteworthy and picturesque parts of town (no reservations required!)

To say you can have your cake and eat it too may be a bit ironic. But so is your vacation- after all, you can dine, drink, tour, taste, and all the things you’ve dreamed of, all while knowing you’re active lifestyle is immaculately in tact and more intriguing than ever. Well done, traveler.  You deserve every sip and savor. We’ll see you in our neck of the vines.


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