4 Silverado Spa Treatments for Stress

While we realize that, generally, a trip to the spa automatically equals relief, there are some treatments that are more effective than others at relieving stress. Before you schedule your appointment, it’s crucial to identify the areas you’d like to focus on. For all of us normal people, much of our pain or tension stems from stress. Work grind, kids, pets, scheduling a social life somewhere in between it all (we’ll tell you where in a minute). We understand the daily struggle. If this sounds all too familiar to you, first off- you may benefit from a nice glass of red wine (or two). Second, we’re here with some more sober stress solutions:

1. Silverado Relaxation Massage 
Using the healing powers of plants and herbs along with Swedish Massage provides healing benefits appropriate for a specific condition. Your therapist will choose the right combination of essential oils with you to begin your wellness solution.

2. Healing Stone
Prepare to melt into and absorb the comfort and soothing heat from our river worn stones. This therapy has roots in Native American Culture and is designed to cradle and balance your energy points as your therapist glides additional stones over your body pressing, pausing, and varying stroke technique as needed to release tension. Warm & Cool stones are used.

3. Lavender Herbal Sugar Scrub 
This Napa Valley Matanzas Creek Lavender Sugar will gently exfoliate your skin and leave it feeling well hydrated and ultra smooth. The experience is enhanced by a blend of both essential oils of lavender and a drop of musk. This uplifting fragrance was created exclusively for the Spa at Silverado.

4. Golfer’s Reflexology
Golfer’s get stressed too! Pressure point massage focusing on hand and foot reflex points that correspond to individual parts of the body. Releases tension and stress, increases energy, and restores physical balance.  Includes an invigorating peppermint foot scrub and hot towel treatment.

Don’t have time? We beg to disagree. We rack up a lot of wasted time being unproductive and stressing about what we have to do. Take this time to treat yourself to an hour of alleviation. You’ll thank yourself later.

Spa on!


Explore relaxation options HERE.


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