Silverado Demo Day: Golf Club Technology in 2015

It’s not every day that we get to try out the newest technology in golf clubs. We’d even go as far as saying it’s a the luxury to be able to test clubs from the game’s top makers (Cobra, TaylorMade, Titleist, Ping, Callaway) and get fit to the clubs that make you look and feel like Rory McIlroy during the 2011 US Open. If you’re looking to improve your game this year, the first step is finding the right clubs. At Saturday’s event (March 28th 12pm-4pm), there will be no shortage of help in doing so. Representatives from each of the aforementioned brands will be assisting, as well as our awesome golf pros.
Our golf pros agree that the driver is an extremely vital puzzle piece in taking your game to the next level. While many holes require irons or woods, we are all too familiar with the long par fives that we can grip it and rip it as far as our strength and precision will allow us. Generally speaking, in 2015, the latest in golf club technology could be a catalyst in matching up our efforts to drive the ball where we want to go (and to farther distances). Many of the new product lines will feature lighter and more dynamic drivers. Balance and forgiveness are two major forerunners in the new pool of clubs as well, allowing you to focus more on improving your swing and less on contact with the club head (where many errors are made).
As we’ve seen in so many areas of technology, we are always moving forward (sometimes scarily fast). This year, clubs have been designed with heightened ability to be adjusted, whether it be the shaft or the loft. Many of us have been limited by clubs in this way, but if you take this concept and combine it with a custom fitting, you could be adding some serious yardage and accuracy to your game. A new year means a better game (and less bunker time!). A better game means you’ll enjoy your day (and your 5 o’clock cocktail) a whole lot more. And the relaxation itself seems worth it to us, but we can’t lie about our excitement of taking as MANY strokes as possible off our game. See you there!


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