How to Build a (Corporate) Dream-Team

When you look at your team, what’s the one, all-encompassing, word that describes it? Exactly, there’s not one. If we could choose one, it would be “difference”. But as a leader, how do you take this disparity and make it dynamic? The answer is of course not black and white, but one of the most important ways to get your team to work dynamically to weave your web of success is team building.

Sure, you’ve heard this before. But we’ve got a fresh new take on team building here at Silverado and it starts with the notion of mixing business and pleasure (a concept that is no longer taboo in our book). You could sign your team up for a workshop that will thoroughly discuss what team building entails, but you might as well stop there and save your money if you’re going to go this route (your employees will thank you later). We’re also willing to bet they’ll be pleasantly surprised when you mention that their required participation will be in an upbeat wine blending challenge in a world class-destination. Work life can be rough sometimes…this will not be one of those times.

Here are some options to ponder:

  • Wine Blending: If you’re looking for a fun competition that exudes all the greatness of Wine Country, this is it. Individuals will be on teams that are given wine blending instruments and ingredients (high-end red varietals are provided), then it’s up to them to produce the winning wine. A blind taste test by a professional winemaker will then decide which team made the better blend. The extra bonus- everyone goes home with a bottle of the winning blend. (You can also opt for a relaxed, noncompetitive version of this event…but you really can’t deny the fun being had in the above photo.).
  • Silverado GPS challenge: If you want your team members to come out of their shells, this is a very entertaining way to get that done. The players will have fun strategizing ways to accomplish their “Interactive Scavenger Hunt List”. This event will bring team members closer together through hilarious challenges across our 1,200 acre property. This is a great choice for active teams that want to stay moving. Also a good pick for big personalities and people who generally dig amusement.
  • Golf: Having hosted the PGA Tour a few times in our day (the 2014 Fry’ Open most recently), golfing tends to be one of the more popular choices for groups. For the golfer or non-golfer, there are several options- Professional instruction is a great way to convey the concept of training communication, while learning a sport you can carry throughout your life. For golf tournaments, the players will have to work together to forecast their scores- goal setting is the primary focus in this activity. Customization is always key, and our planners are willing to work with your preferences for the best fit.
  • Tennis camps: Tennis becomes a metaphor for a winning team in business- Teams must practice changing a losing game, understanding their court coverage, movement, communication, and more. Like the idea of a fun contest instead of just paralleling the concepts? Let’s talk about it.

Last time we checked, predictability is no fun anyways. Our humble and relaxing atmosphere will leave your team ready to jump right on expressway to success. After all, a relaxed mind is a creative mind. And there’s no stopping collective and creative drive. Happy building!


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