Thomas Keller Restaurant Group Pops Up

Where in the world is Thomas Keller? Well, his restaurants are all over the US, but he is in the heart of Wine Country…Napa Valley. And better yet, he has officially embarked on a pop-up restaurant called Ad Lib at Silverado Resort. We couldn’t be happier (or hungrier).

Thomas Keller has received countless awards for his unmatchable skills in the culinary arts, such as receiving multiple three-star ratings from the Michelin Guide and being deemed ‘America’s Best Chef’ by Time Magazine in 2001. One reason Keller set his sights on Silverado Resort for his pop-up is because of his history with long-time friend and Golf Hall of Famer, Johnny Miller, a co-owner of Silverado Resort. The restaurant venue, The Royal Oak (previously a steak/seafood restaurant), was also seen to be the perfect environment for Keller’s ideas to come alive.

The restaurant concept is contrasted with that of the world famous French Laundry (currently under renovation) in that the menu consists of simple and straightforward American dishes, however the two restaurants share the same level of high quality ingredients and standards that Thomas Keller has set in his restaurants across the board.

As soon as word hit the street, the popping up of Ad Lib was accompanied with wild enthusiasm and media coverage. If your pining to experience Keller’s newest creative endeavor, our package option, which includes overnight accommodations, a reservation at Ad Lib and breakfast for two in the Grill, is your best bet. Farm to table…to pillow. See you there!


We know you’re dying to see the menu:

Package deal:

Farm to Table to Pillow


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