Winter Weekend Activity Guide

While Winter beholds it’s notoriety for being the cold season, here in Napa we take it in stride. Yes it does get very cold at times, but when compared to the rest of the states, it eases our minds to remember how mild California weather really is.

There are numerous ways to fully experience Napa in the Winter (AKA Cabernet Season). Many even say they prefer visiting this time of year, considering the lack of tourists flooding the tasting rooms (*Hint*: This is also true during weekdays of the busier season). Here are several activities to choose from during your vacation:

1. The Wine Train

This is a must if you want the full Napa Valley experience, without the hassle of driving up and down the valley. The ride is about three hours, and winds up to the charming town of St. Helena and back to Napa. The views can be described as breathtaking, as you’re surrounded by vineyards and nestled in the rolling hill of the valley. The amazing chefs on board prepare either lunch or dinner on board and you can even pre-purchase a winery tour.

2. Culinary Adventures: 

A fun and unique way to experience Napa is to dive right into the heart our culinary scene at the Silverado Cooking School. You’ll not only be learning to cook mouth watering dishes with a professional chef, but you’ll be doing it in a state-of-the-art kitchen. Some fun classes include the ‘Couples Dinner Class’ and the ‘Pizza Night Hands-on Class’.

3. City Winery Live Shows:

Located in Nashville, New York City, Chicago and now Napa, the new venue brings a fun and upbeat vibe to Downtown Napa. The frequent shows make it easy to plan for any given night, weekend or weekday and you’ll be delighted at finding out they have wine on tap, and food served before, during or after shows. To see a list of upcoming events click here.

4. Napa Smith Brewery

We know that you know about wine tasting- but maybe you’ve done the wine tasting thing or you’re simply a beer person. The Napa Smith Brewery is known for their hand-crafted, award-winning beer. From charismatic beers like ‘The Grateful Dog’, to the up and coming ‘Java Hop’, which incorporates coffee beans with Hops, this is a perfect local spot for a kick-back kinda day.

5. Hit the Trails: 

Even in the Winter, hiking and biking are great ideas for a budget and eco-friendly way to enjoy the valley. The mustards in the vineyards will give you an excuse to take a break from your ride and snap a few memorable Napa Valley photos. Use TrailLink to figure out what path suits your skills and desires.

6. Napa On Ice: 

November through January, Downtown Napa gets in the Winter spirit by sporting a pop-up Ice Skating Rink. All ages welcome, all ages encouraged. Never ice-skated? Now’s as good a time as any!

If all else fails and you’re staying at the resort, don’t underestimate the coziness of the Mansion Lobby Fireplace. A glass of wine by the fire can go a long way. Once you sit in those big comfy chairs, you’ll never want to get up. No need to feel guilty, we think it’s perfectly okay to sit back, sip slowly and relax. Stay warm all!


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