Fairways n’ Chardonnay

Are you a lover of golf and wine? If so, this may be what you’ve been looking for. We’re so excited to announce the emergence of our Fairways and Chardonnay Ladies Golf School. Golf can often snag the reputation of being slow or stuffy. So we’ve decided to combat this notion with a way for you to get back on your game, while having a blast doing it.

Nine hours with a PGA or LPGA pro can do wonders for your swing, but you may be worried about your muscles being tight or sore. So when you’re done, you can choose one of several spa treatments, all oriented around your golf game. If you haven’t had a Golf Ball Massage, now is your chance- our masseuse uses an actual golf ball to massage the kinks out of your highlighted pain points.

For many that may have temporarily forgotten about golfing (or just been too busy), this is a perfect opportunity to get back on the greens. We’ve all been stuck in a bunker. We’ve all missed the two foot putt. But by taking part in our hybrid golf school, you can have the comfort in knowing that in a few hours, you’ll be sipping on Napa Valley’s finest wines, enjoying the ambiance of Wine Country…forgetting that you ever forgot about golf.

To find out more: click here


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