There’s No Place Like Silverado for the Holidays

Holidays remind us to reflect- reflect on our year, our loved ones, our successes, and the unfortunate plummet in our bank accounts…but let’s not get off track here, the holidays are about being together. And as cliche as this time of year may be, it gives us something to look forward to…something to silence the little Grinch in all of us that gets caught up in the everyday stresses of life.

That’s why we like to especially highlight this time of year at Silverado, starting with our Thanksgiving dinner, then our Teddy Bear Tea, Breakfast with Santa, the Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony, Christmas dinner, and a celebration to ring in the New Year. We’ve seen it time and time again, families returning to continue their tradition of Christmas at Silverado. But it never takes away from the excitement of watching new families start their holiday traditions with us (as if we needed any more cheesiness to add to our plates this Christmas).

So here we are to wish everyone a joyous holiday season. We propose a digital toast to what the New Year may bring- excitement, happiness, and new adventures. Cheers!


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