Sweet Serenity: Diary of a Guest

As I stand unabashedly facing the Valley that contains me, I am overcome with tranquility. I see nature: trees, birds, trails, vines, greenery- I reminisce and entertain thoughts in my head. The valley inspires me in a way I’ve forgotten. Perhaps it was the way I spent my day that’s brought me to my own little nirvana today… or perhaps it was the wine? (Kidding!)

Recap of my Friday:

6:30AM: Sunrise Balloon Champagne Brunch– Now normally, I’d be highly opposed to opening my eyes at the ungodly hour of 5AM, but today was different. The views during my Napa Valley hot air balloon ride were nothing short of unbelievable. To top off my feeling of being on top of the world (quite literally), we enjoyed some Domaine Chandon champagne and a fresh seasonal brunch.

10:00AM: Wine Tasting at Chimney Rock Winery– Got the behind-the-scenes vineyard tour, something I’d never experienced before first-hand. One of the coolest parts was looking at the vineyard whose grapes produced the wine I was holding in my glass! The cheese/wine pairing was also worth going back for- I did not leave hungry (or thirsty).

4:00PM: Spa time-  The masseuse started by asking me if I wanted to focus on anything specific- when I named off a few of the first things that came to mind, she immediately decided on the Silverado Relaxation massage. My neck and back (and sanity) will surely thank me later.

6:00PM: The Grill– I started off with some lovely crab cakes with a spicy aoli sauce. Then I ordered the Cabernet Braised Lamb Shank, with goat cheese polenta cake, veggies and a meat sauce to die for. If I was a cook, I’d make this at least once a week (sadly, I’m just a foodie).

8:00PM: Terrace Sunset- a perfect ending to a perfect day. Even though I was already stuffed, I decided to endulge my senses one last time with a Peach Crisp. At that point, I had to cut myself off (Okay, I had one more glass of wine, but that was IT).

That brings me to right now. *Sigh*. I think now I’m ready for my annual tech conference tomorrow, where I will present to all the corporate owners and execs of my company. Needless to say, I’ve already booked my spa treatment for Sunday. Amen.


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