Rosé’s are Red, Violets are Blue

Now don’t let the title fool you- we know Rosé’s are not red- they’re pink. But that they come from red wine says it all. We often think of Rosé’s as sweet wines, but far far away in the land of wine country, there lies a rosé for every palette, every mood…every occasion. Even thinking about it makes us ‘blush’.

If you’ve never experienced or pondered what it would be like to find your rosé, now’s your chance because guess what- it’s Rosé season (also known as “summer”). In the nature of acknowledging your own unique palettes, we’ll refrain from any wine-bias because today, everyone gets a rosé: *

Dry: V. Sattui 2012 Dry Rosato: With its fresh raspberry fruit aromas combined with ripe cherry flavors, this delicately balanced wine with lively acidity pairs nicely with most appetizers, roasted meats and savory cheeses.

Sweet: Castello di Amorosa 2013 La Fantasia Rosé: An Italian style soft sparkling wine which is lower in alcohol, naturally sweet and refreshing with bright aromas of cherry, exotic flowers and wild berries.

Fruity: Pine Ridge Vineyards Encantado Rosé: Brilliant strawberry, red raspberry and light floral aromas spring from the glass, hinting at the luscious red berry, ripe watermelon and subtle tangerine notes present on the vivacious palate.

Sparkling: Domaine Carneros Brut Rosé: The wine’s aroma, delivered on a delicate mousse, hints at wild strawberry, ripe peach, apricot, pomegranate, honeysuckle and exotic spices. Despite its color, it is a true Brut – as dry as our other wines. And while enjoyable at a young age, it will also gain wonderful complexity with aging.

Alcohol Free: Fre 2012 White Zinfandel: Fragrant strawberry and cranberry aromas lead to refreshing flavors of ripe berries followed by a pleasant, lingering finish.

Life is not always red or white, it’s often in the pink area. So don’t wine about it, grab a glass and be glad it’s not grey!

*Tasting notes from respective wineries


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