Why Does the Woodpecker Peck?

As you roam the manicured grounds of Silverado, you may spot one of our unsaid mascots and wonder “why does the woodpecker peck?” Contrary to popular belief, the Woodpecker does not hit its loud beak in rapid succession in order to drive humans to the point of insanity. Woodpeckers operate with a purpose to:

1. Feed: on tree insects, beetles, etc.

2. Attract mates/Communicate: with a rhythmic and pre-empted pecking pattern

3. Seek Shelter: within the protected tree walls

Bet you never thought you could relate with a Woodpecker, huh?

Unlike humans, however, Woodpeckers have special shock absorbers at the back of the jaw. They also have a unique ability to peck furiously while standing vertically on a tree, due to the anatomy of their feet; 2 toes facing forward, 2 toes facing backward.  Additionally, these seemingly remarkable creatures possess feathers that extend over the nostrils to protect from inhaling woodchips when their beaks are going what seems like 1 million mph.

Who knew? We did. And we are proud of our property peckers, even when earplugs seem like a seriously sensible idea.


What do you think?

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