The Mansion Was Not Built in a Day

It’s no Roman Coliseum, but the Mansion at Silverado Resort has got one rich history. If you’ve ever stayed with us, I can almost say with 100% confidence that you have a photo with the Mansion in the background.

But let me ask you this- when you took this photo, did you know that this “once-Spanish-Adobe” beauty dated back to 1870? And that tucked away behind the Mansion still lays the 250 foot stone wall, built by European masons at the time of construction? It remains a mystery how long the iconic stonemason art took to complete, but witnesses were the Oak Trees, some of which have been around for up to 300 years.

When General Miller purchased the land, he knew that according to the old Spanish legend, ill fortune would fall upon whoever destroyed the Spanish Adobe that resided there. It is said that because of this, he ordered the residence to be built around the adobe. The 3 foot walls within the southwest section of the first floor serve as faint pieces of evidence that this legend remains.

And the best part? With that photo you took on your Napa Valley vacation… you just became a part of history.


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